Under The Great Wide Open: Open Studio



Intensive 10 day workshop at Brown University’s Granoff Center For The Creative Arts: January 6-16th 2016

A Cross-Disciplinary Workshop of Visual Artists, Theatre Artists and Designers addressing Identity within the Promise and Perils of Connectivity in the 21st Century. On day 6 of the workshop, Brown students will join RISD students for the remaining 5 days. The workshop will explore the vocabulary, technique, opportunities and challenges of interdisciplinary collaboration as an active creative process. The specific focus and application during this intensive will be the question of how we relate to the world around us—as it represents itself in sensory and tactile form—as well as the virtual world of the internet. While the focus of this course is contemplation of our relationship to technology in various modes, the work will resonate within a larger context of the convergence of Technology, Design and the Performing Arts. The hope is that new ideas and vocabulary will emerge from the engagement of artists in process-oriented disciplines rather than the goal of a finished product. The collaboratively intensive course will use both the iterative/prototyping methods of art and the rehearsal based narrative explorations of Drama in new experimental methods. Both in creation and performance, we will attempt to reflect, juxtapose and critically investigate the way the “real” and “virtual” world shape our perceptions.