Plantón Móvil – The Forest Walks Again

Plantón Móvil – The Forest Walks Again

Friday Oct 9th, 4:00pm.
Roger Williams National Memorial (N Main and Park Row)

Lucia Monge MFA15


Help create a moving forest through downtown Providence. Peruvian artist, Lucía Monge is calling on the community of Providence to participate in the fifth official Plantón Móvil – the event that unites human bodies and plants in a procession through the streets of the city.

Plantón Móvil is about lending our mobility to trees and plants so they can peacefully assert their place in the city. This collective gesture calls for a new perspective on movement, speed and our considerations of what is alive. In a simple yet powerful gesture, Plantón Móvil emphasizes our relationship as humans to the rest of the living, breathing planet.

We encourage all participants to bring their own plants and think of creative and non-polluting ways to transport them: bicycles, backpacks, skateboards, hats, hands, carts, or buckets! We will also provide some plants and “green vehicles” on the day of the procession if none of your houseplants want to join.

In conjunction with RISD’s Inauguration festivities, we are inviting all members of the community to participate in a collective performance. We will be lending our mobility to a group of trees and plants and we will walk from Roger Williams National Memorial, down North Main Street like a forest asking for respect.

The prompt is simple:

-Bring a plant if you have one.

-Prepare a way to move with your plant.

-Arrive at 4:00pm on October 9th and be ready to walk!