PETER CLARKE, Missoni robotic girl for Target

Marina the 25 foot tall robotic mannequin

Peter Clarke was among the lead mechanical designers for “Marina,” a 25 ft tall mannequin, part of the “Missoni for Target” campaign. Clarke was part of a larger team of some of the most talented sculptors, painters, costumers, wig-makers and mold-makers working in the entertainment industry. “Marina” was designed and built over the course of 4 months in Chatsworth, CA at Amalgamated Dynamics Inc. (, the creature effects company of Academy Award winners, Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff Jr. She was 12 ft tall when seated on the ground (25 ft from toe to top of head) with an aluminum skeleton and fiberglass body. She was puppeteered/performed by four performers: one to remote control her eye-movements and blinks, one for each arm and her texting/tweeting/picture taking, and one inside her body for her head/neck/body moves. The puppeteer inside her body lead the coordinated efforts of her performances. The inside of her body was a crazy control center outfitted with monitors and cameras that allowed her to be aware of all her surroundings and pick out specific spectators to interact with (her body puppeteer was Tom Woodruff Jr. an FX artist and suit performer who has played many of the most iconic creatures in recent movie history). She could be set up and taken down with relative ease by her crew of puppeteers, and these aspects became part of the performances. “Marina” was rolled into place on a custom designed cart (dubbed “The Marina-Mobile”), that could be disconnected from her while she was “alive” without disturbing her too badly. Over the course of Fashion Week, she made surprise appearances all over NYC and then again at Target Day in Minneapolis, MN to the delight and amazement of all who happened upon her. She also had a team of people creating her voice through tweets and text messages.