Metcalf Facilities

undergraduate studioThe facilities for undergraduates in the Metcalf building include a metal shop, wood shop, vacuum forming equipment, studios for students, robotics lab, casting studio, metal foundry and more.

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Graduate Facilities

M.F.A. StudioThe graduate facilities include the Fletcher Grad Studios, the graduate woodshop, the Sol Koffler Graduate Gallery and more.

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RISD toolkit

The toolkit pictured here is a required purchase for all incoming sculpture department majors. It is obtained at the start of the academic year through the metcalf store. our technician assembles this kit each year grainger supply at deep discounted rates that are passed on to the student. The department does not supply general hand tools so this kit will provide the student with excellent quality tools intended to last well beyond the three years in the department. Generally the total cost comes in at approximately $900.00.